Licensed Massage Therapist


Hi, I’m Aryana Hartwell, an award-winning massage therapist and founder of Waivess.

Today’s busy lifestyle drains our energy and causes physical and emotional strain. With massage therapy, we can ease this tension and begin the healing process by allowing the body, mind, and spirit to return to a balanced state.

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What People Are Saying

CranioSacral Therapy from Aryana helped my 6 month old son.  He was always crying and had stiffness in his body.  After one treatment his body relaxed and he began to eat better. He's been better ever since.

Dianna Grannan

Aryana has a wide range of techniques that she practices regularly, she's always on time and has a smile. She has unique skills that she practices regularly, giving her an edge that most don't have. You can see that she has a true passion for the well being of everyone who steps into her room.

Darian Weaver, Owner, Re*ju've*na'tion

Aryana did the best CranioSacral session I've ever had!  Mahalo Aryana! Flow was great too, very helpful.

Catherine R. Mitchell

I got such great relief on my very first visit. Thank you, Aryana!

Fern Skarupa, Computer Technician
Our products are cruelty-free, non-toxic and therapeutic.

Just the way nature intended.