Healing Foot Bath and Massage

Recline in peaceful pleasure while your tired, aching feet soak in a comfortable warm herbal foot bath, followed by an exfoliating foot scrub to remove dead skin, uncovering a fresh new layer underneath.  Finish with a deeply moisturizing, hydrating massage for your well prepared feet.  Your feet will feel smooth, soft and happy.

Warm Oil Scalp Massage

Therapeutic-grade essential oils work deeply to nourish hair follicles while providing excellent moisturizing  to hair and reducing dehydration in the scalp. Blissful and delightful.

Luxury Hand Massage

Rich, natural ingredients of award winning Epicuren cream are massaged gently into hands and forearms to soothe and protect against aging and dry skin.

Healing Foot Bath

Relax your tired achy feet in a warm herbal bath. Your feet will feel fresh, invigorated and revived.

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