Most Asked Massage Questions


What is Waivess and how does it relate to massage?

We came up with with Waivess as a combined concept based on self-care, energy and cleansing. Many people view the burden stress as a necessarily evil in life. Our practice is based on the idea of accepting massage not as a luxury but a necessity, ‘waiving’ yourself of the accumulated tension and building a happier, healthier you. Waivess also refers to the waves of energy that surround ourselves; waves that therapists like Aryana use to heal and soothe their clients. Finally, we took inspiration from the surrounding Puget Sound, choosing the symbolism of its beautiful waves to remind us that cleansing of the body and mind is important above all else.


What are your accreditations?

Waivess founder Aryana Hartwell maintains current licenses in both Washington and Hawaii. She graduated from the Emerald Coast Massage School in Florida, and has since been an active pursuant of continued education in her field. She is a member of the National Association of Massage Therapists and meets all requirements set by the NCBTMB. Read about all of Aryana’s qualifications.


Who can you massage?

Our massage services are best for mature adults who need help relieving stress or physical pain. Our manual therapies are suitable for all ages.

**Please note that lymph technique may only be performed if no lymph ducts have been removed.


How can massage help me?

Massage can be a valuable tool in times of great stress or change. Major life events such as new parenthood, a career change, or sudden loss can cause stress and negativity in the most optimistic individuals. Releasing muscular strain and allowing yourself to relax in a safe, welcoming space can help ease you into a more positive frame of mind and help you cope with transitions.

In the case of physical injury, a referral for massage therapy may ordered by a physician in order to increase mobility in the patient and help the affected area recover at a faster rate.

Read more about the benefits of massage and manual therapies here.


Where can I find you?

Waivess has its roots on beautiful Bainbridge Island. Just a ferry ride away from Seattle and located in downtown Winslow’s own Billy Shears Salon, our office is easily accessible to both island- and city-dwellers. Find us now!


How much do you charge, and how long is a session?

Our prices and session lengths vary depending on the service chosen. Most sessions last between 30 and 60 minutes. You can explore all of our therapy options and pricing on our services menu.


How can I learn more about your techniques?

The links below are great resources for those who want to become more familiar with our array of therapy techniques and products.