Swedish – Relaxation – Deep Tissue

Daily stresses, repetitive work strain, trouble sleeping?  Free yourself with this customized massage. Using light, medium or deep massage pressure,  we decompress, creating more space in your body, flush the tissue, unwind tension spots, break up congestion and more, all within your range of comfort.

Deeply relaxing and extremely beneficial to the body/mind/spirit, this massage revitalizes the circulatory and lymph systems, promoting  fresh blood and oxygen flow to your muscles, releasing toxins, increasing range of motion and leaving you with a greater sense of balance and ease in your movements.


The discomforts of pregnancy, such as neck and back pain, stiffness, leg cramps, sore feet, swelling, fatigue and stress can be lessened with massage. Prenatal and post partum massages are a way for a new mother to adjust and cope with the new challenges.

Each massage is tailored toward your individual needs. This is a side lying massage with pillows for support under the knees, abdomen and head. You may also be massaged in a semi reclining position for a short time, again supported with pillows.

Mothers love the maternity massage and benefit so much from it!

Aryana has over 30 years experience in the field of motherhood and maternity massage.

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